• seafood paella

      seafood paella

      1980 yen

      A representative of the Mars signboard menu that used plenty of seafood! Please relish the paella that carefully selected carefully!

    • Aya vegetable Bagna cauda

      Aya vegetable Bagna cauda

      900 yen

      Balsa's classic menu Bagna cauda! Other than vegetables original vegetables purchasing situation also changes vegetables!

    • 390 yen Pizza Thank You Pizza

      390 yen Pizza Thank You Pizza

      390 yen

      Spanish-style pizza "Coca" style pizza! It's shocking value 390 yen not to mention one coin! Masu popular popular classic for the time being!

    • Forest bird grill

      Forest bird grill

      980 yen

      The grill of the forest bird stuck with thoroughly sticking from the preparation to the material is put on immediately after purchasing and grill from 3 days after the laid The liquor will also proceed It will be the flesh menu

    • Shrimp and asparagus ahijo, clam and mushroom ahijo * With bucket

      Shrimp and asparagus ahijo, clam and mushroom ahijo * With bucket

      880 yen

      Bar Standard Classic menu Ahijyo! Okayama "Handmade Bread Studio Lassen" selected carefully selected homemade bread Ahyejo is involved in batting bread Baked in authentic ahijyo different from the other

    • Panini (bacon cheese, caprese, sardine tartar, bacon egg)

      Panini (bacon cheese, caprese, sardine tartar, bacon egg)

      900 yen

      Hot Sand Panini Volume is also a perfect score! It will be a set price with a mini salad and soup

    • Birthday cake

      Birthday cake

      2500 yen (excluding tax) -

      Nowadays Instagram "Baebae" cake with surprise as well! We also have a variety of basic cakes! * Request inquiries

    • Parfait (Strawberry parfait, Strawberry banana chocolate)

      Parfait (Strawberry parfait, Strawberry banana chocolate)

      From 780 yen

      Mars' new classic parfait! Parfaiton Okayama can be enjoyed in front of the station! Parfait parfait in Valdemars in various places such as Hokkaido and Tokyo!

    • espresso


      400 yen

      Espresso, Long Black, Espresso Tonic, Espresso Orange, Americano Coffee promoted by "JOEs COFFEE" in Marunouchi, Kita Ward, Okayama Prefecture is Valdehmus! Genuine cup that sticks to beans!

  • SPECIAL (Valdeemarsu recommended cuisine) 980 yen (excluding tax) ~

    • Mussels white wine vapor

      Mussels white wine vapor

      L: 1280 yen

      XL: There are also 1780 yen.

    • Salmon's Carpione

      Salmon's Carpione

      800 yen

      I no longer need words.Carpione that made use of the taste of the material as it is delicious!

  • Tapas (small plate dishes) 380 yen (excluding tax) ~

    • Soy vegetable pickles

      Soy vegetable pickles

      380 yen

      We stick to it and offer home-made pickles that we stick to at a low price.Come to accompany sake!

    • Peach pickle

      Peach pickle

      380 yen

      THE Okayama! Picnic of peach Please come and have a taste!

    • Teppanyaki with pastrami

      Teppanyaki with pastrami

      500 yen

      Pastrami with juicy teppanyaki ... I just imagined it Yodare thing!

  • Paella L: ¥ 1980 (excluding tax) / XL: 2480 yen (excluding tax)

    • Seafood (seafood) 580 yen (tax not included) ~

      • Salada (salad) 680 yen (excluding tax)

        • Caesar salad

          680 yen (excluding tax)
      • Pasta (pasta) 880 yen (excluding tax) ~

        • Vongole (Bianco Rosso)

          Vongole (Bianco Rosso)

          1000 yen (excluding tax)
      • Gelato (gelato) 480 yen (excluding tax) ~