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【20 Great Benefits & Wedding Cake & Champagne Tower with Wedding Second Assembly】 [Drinking] with 120 minutes 3500 yen ☆

【20 Great Benefits & Wedding Cake & Champagne Tower with Wedding Second Assembly】 [Drinking] with 120 minutes 3500 yen ☆

3500 yen

Please consult your budget / request

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  • 20100persons
All-you-can-drink available

[Drinking] 120 minutes attachment (LO 90 minutes)

Reservation deadline
Coming to a store until two days before 17 of the desired date
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

We can rent more than 20 people, buffet style is OK ☆ From public ceremony to second and third party ♪ Enjoy entertainment facilities such as projector, microphone, flower, audio equipment, DJ booth etcPlan cuisine is also perfect for parties ♪

Course menu

~ Cuisine content ~

◇ Wedding cake

◇ Champagne Tower

◇ appetizer

◇ Pastrami

◇ Alphon Dei Gas ~ Meatball stewed red wine ~

◇ Grilled chicken thigh meat with honey mustard ~

◇ Asari fishermen style

◇ Simple pasta with vegetables and pork

■ Champagne Tower

■ Original Wedding Cake

□ 2nd Order Produce Free

□ All-you-can-drink for 120 minutes

※ All courses are subject to content change due to purchase Please feel free to inquire details ♪

【20 large free options】

<Basic service>

◆ 2nd Assembly Produce Fee Free ◆ Venue Reservation Free

◆ Bride and groom Waiting Room Preparation ◆ Sound · Lighting · Video Operation ◆ Acoustic Equipment · ipod · CD · DVD etc. Preparation & Use

◆ Projector · Large monitor use ◆ Wireless microphone lending ◆ Welcome board creation · Easel lending

◆ Bingo Machine Lending ◆ Preparing for Bingo Card Number of People ◆ Cheki Body Lending

◆ Receiving Safes Lending ◆ Various Writing Instruments & Computer Lending ◆ Time Table Creation

◆ Moderator contents creation ◆ You can bring prizes and other items on the previous day ◆ Create guide data for our guide

◆ Photograph shooting ◆ Takasago decoration · Flower arrangement ◆ Venue usage time 3 hours (reception and viewing time included) ◆ Reservation of 3rd meeting · arrangement on the day

☆ Depending on customer's request Varde Mars original wedding ceremony and 1.5 nd party plan ☆ Safely low price wedding due to full support of bridal planner ☆ For overseas wedding ceremonies, we will also organize important friends and presenting casual parties.

All-you-can-drink menu

· Gin tonic, Moscommeureur, Campari orange, cassis soda, calamiluk, fuzzy navel, screwdriver, China blue, tequila sunrise etc.
·draft beer
· Red: Merlot · Nero d 'evola, White: Pinobianko, Insoria
Wheat: Nikaido, potatoes: Black Kirishima (rock, water split, oolong split)
· Horn (water split, lock), Highball
·plum wine
· Nishi Kogen plum wine from Kishu (soda, water split, lock)
· Non'aru cocktail
· Saratoga cooler, Til feathers, Shirley temple, Cinderella, Summer cooler, Helen etc.
·Soft drink
· Oolong tea, orange juice, grapefruit juice, cola, ginger ale

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